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Pergola Design Ideas

These pergolas are, indeed, very beautiful features in their own right, adding height and interest to any outdoor space.The pergola arch can be used to section off parts of the garden, being used as a focal point, leading the eye through to the next part, providing an element of surprise and 'journey', which is so important for adding interest to the garden.
An arbor pergola, on the other hand, provides a cosy retreat in which to while away the hours, and can be enhanced in many ways by the addition of garden furniture sets and seats, cushions, throws, lights, fragrance burners and all manner of accessories.
Many are drawn, on the one hand, to its secluded peacefulness, others to gatherings for intimate chats, or warm, lazy days socialising under its welcoming and cosy protection. Mmm...sounds lovely!
Both pergola and arbor add height to the garden, which can have quite a dramatic effect.
A client recently said to me, as soon as she had seen both pergolas built, "...But the garden looks so much bigger!"

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