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Before you rush out and learn how to build a pergola, here are seven simple mistakes you must avoid.

#1. Don’t build your pergola without checking the permit requirements. Building inspectors take a dim view of this mistake. It’s so much easier to avoid problems than sort them out later.

#2. Don’t dig holes for your pergola posts without first checking for underground utilities. You will be liable for potentially expensive damage, you will probably have broken the law, and you could be killed!

You can find your State’s “call before you dig” 811 number by calling 1-888-258-0808.

#3. Don’t waste thousands of dollars getting a contractor to build it when you could build it yourself in as little as a weekend for only a few hundred bucks.

#4. Don’t squander thousands of dollars employing a contractor just because you don’t want to build it yourself. You can buy a good set of plans & instructions for as little as $20. Buy the materials yourself. Then hire a local handyman to build it. Total cost should be well under $1000.

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