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Ryan, my next door neighbor has just put up a garden pergola. I thought one would be a great entertaining feature in my garden as well. Unfortunately, I was taken aback by the price he paid for his kit. That was way over my budget.

Unperturbed, I searched the internet for pergola designs. There are plenty of free pergola plans online but I could not come across one in the size I wanted. Also the diagrams and building notes seemed poor.

However I unearthed a result - pergola plans obtainable in an array of sizes. They come with detailed and easy to understand notes on how to build a pergola as well as a full list of materials required. And you’ll discover the tools you will require too.

I was able to cost the materials to verify I could build within my budget. I thought I could erect a pergola. And I did. In one weekend!

Building a pergola was much easier than I imagined it would be. And that was primarily due to the precise, detailed and easy to understand notes. There were none of those scratching my head pondering how a piece fitted moments!

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